Tea Party Express Endorses Mark Sanford for SC-01

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, announced its endorsement of Governor Mark Sanford in the special election for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “With our country facing $17 trillion in debt, the Obamacare train wreck, and anemic economic growth, it is critical that South Carolina CD-1 elects a true fiscal conservative. Governor Sanford has a proven and battle-tested record of reining in out-of-control spending and lowering taxes so that the economy can grow. That is why Tea Party Express is proudly endorsing Governor Mark Sanford.

“His opponent may be a slick-talking businesswoman that claims to be fiscally conservative; claims to want to rein in spending; and claims to disapprove of Obamacare; but the old saying remains true ‘you are who you surround yourself with.’ For Elizabeth Colbert Busch, that’s Nancy Pelosi, ActBlue, big labor, and other left-wing progressives. These people represent the reckless spending, over regulation, and intrusive policies that are plaguing our economy. It’s dishonest for Colbert Busch to try to downplay the over $1 million in contributions that these people have funneled into her campaign.

“The decision in this election is simple: do residents of District 1 want to just elect another rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and Obama, or do they want to elect a proven conservative that will get things done? We need leaders like Governor Mark Sanford in Washington, D.C. if we are ever going to pay down our debt and begin to grow our economy again. Please, go to the polls on May 7th and vote for the true fiscal conservative, Mark Sanford,” Kremer concluded.