Tea Party Express Condemns Julian Bond’s Justification for IRS Auditing Scandal

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is condemning Julian Bond’s outrageous claim that the IRS was justified in auditing Tea Party groups because they are “racist.” Bond said on MSNBC. “I think it’s entirely legitimate to look at the Tea Party.”

“Julian Bond has forgotten the lesson of the Civil Rights Movement that the law in this country must be neutral and devoid of any political or racial bias. Bond’s outrageous claim that it is okay for the IRS to audit and scrutinize Tea Party groups simply because he wrongly believes they are ‘racist’ should be universally condemned,” said Sal Russo, Chief Strategist for Tea Party Express.

“Bond pointed out that he felt the NAACP had been wrongly targeted, but he is blinded to the real issue that the IRS should never use a political test to administer the law. He seems to think it is wrong for his constituents to be targeted for their political speech, but it is okay to target someone with whom he disagrees. Unfortunately, Bond is reflecting the attitude of the Obama Administration to treat those who disagree with them as enemies. That only encourages federal government agencies like the IRS to think it is acceptable to persecute those who have policy disagreements with Obama.”

Tea Party Express has been very explicit with its goals – they are printed on their buses:

  • No more bailouts
  • Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government
  • Stop raising our taxes
  • Repeal Obama-care
  • Cease out-of-control spending
  • Bring back American prosperity

“This is an agenda that appeals to a majority of Americans, and Bond’s continual diatribes of false statements against the Tea Party movement only further emboldens citizens to take political action against a growing and intrusive federal government,” Russo concluded.