Stop Harry Reid’s Liberal Agenda!

CALL TO ACTION: Iowa needs our help

As you are probably aware, Democrat Senator Tom Harkin has decided to retire, leaving his Iowa Senate seat up for grabs.  This gives us an excellent opportunity to win this Senate seat, and that is exactly what we have to do if we are going to take power away from Senate Leader Harry Reid.

There is one problem that is developing: the Democratic Party has coalesced behind one candidate early, Bruce Braley, but the Republican field is still very crowded.  While the Republicans are already beating eachother up in preperation for a tougfh primary, Bruce Braiey remains untouched and opening up a wide poll lead on the Republican field.

We cannot let him get too far out in front in the race, or we run the risk that the Republicans will never catch up.  That is why we are going on the offensive and attacking Bruce Braley for his liberal policies and agenda.  He promised to be another foot soldier for the Obama-Reid-Pelosi platform of higher taxes and bigger government.

While the Republicans are busy campaigning to be the nominee to face Braley, the Tea Party Express is going to take Braley head-on and need your support.  We need to raise $25,000 in the next two weeks for the production of a TV ad that we will run in Iowa.


If we are going to have a chance of taking back the Senate from Harry Reid and the Democrats, we must defeat his close allies like ultra-liberal Braley. We need your early support to match the Democratic Machine’s war chest.  Please make a donation before it is too late.  The 2014 election will be won by those who prepare for it now.

Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley is the antitheses of everything the Tea Party stands for, and over the next week, we will be rolling out his poor voting record.

Your donation will help us to run critical television and radio ads to knock down Braley’s poll numbers. It’s going to take all of us to win back the Senate – will you join our fight?


We here at the Tea Party Express are guided by our motto “Restore Liberty – Honor the Constitution” and 6 basic principles:

o No more bailouts
o Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government
o Stop raising our taxes
o Repeal Obamacare
o Cease out-of-control spending
o Bring back American prosperity

Tea Party Express is the largest and most aggressive national Tea Party group operating as a political action committee. We are 100% committed to identifying and supporting electable conservative candidates who will champion Tea Party values. If you support our mission and want to help us elect true fiscal conservatives to Congress, please help by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more.