Tea Party Express Endorses Katrina Pierson for U.S. Congress in Texas’ 32nd Congressional District

Dallas, TX – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly announcing its endorsement of Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “I am so proud to be able to endorse my friend, Katrina Pierson for the U.S. Congress. Since the inception of this movement, she has been a tireless advocate for freedom, lower taxes, and a more vibrant economy. Katrina has been on the front lines, fighting alongside so many grassroots activists here in Texas, and it’s time for us to now stand with her.

“We need more women with fresh ideas to step up to the plate, run for office, and go to Washington to truly represent the people,” Kremer said. “Katrina Pierson is a fighter, who will not be intimidated or bullied by the establishment of either party. She embodies the American success story and will bring her experiences to D.C. and shake things up.”