Tea Party Express Endorses Steve Lonegan for U.S. Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to announce its endorsement of Steve Lonegan for the 3rd Congressional district in New Jersey.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Steve Lonegan is exactly the kind of Constitutional conservative that will go to Washington D.C. and fight for what’s right. He is a proven conservative champion who will not back down in the face of President Obama’s liberal agenda.

“Throughout his career, Lonegan has proven his willingness to stand up to the establishment of both parties, and we are confident that he will do the same as a member of Congress. Above all else, Steve Lonegan is a fighter who will do everything he can to put an end to the Obama-Pelosi big government agenda of tax increases, crippling regulations and reckless spending.

“He has already demonstrated his strong appeal to voters in the 3rd Congressional District, which he carried in the recent Special U.S. Senate election, where the Tea Party Express was proud to endorse Lonegan.  We were victorious yesterday in the Special Congressional Election with outsider, Curt Clawson, and Lonegan will bring the same kind of energy and fresh approach that is needed in Washington,” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Grassroots leaders:

“We support Steve Lonegan because of his proven conservative values, his outspoken defense of our great constitution, and his continued defense of liberty. Mayor Lonegan will make an outstanding representative in Congress of which all New Jerseyans can be proud.” – Rose Ann Salanitir of the NJ Tea Party Caucus

“Steve Lonegan is the only choice in New Jersey’s third district to represent our values as a member of Congress in Washington, D.C. We give Mayor Lonegan our overwhelming support because he agrees that smaller government, personal responsibility, and cutting taxes and spending is the path to prosperity.” -Bill Haney of the West Jersey Tea Party 

“Steve Lonegan is a true and tested constitutional activist running against Tom MacArthur, an establishment progressive who opposes gun rights, supports illegal immigration, and has repeatedly increased taxes and spending while mayor of Randolph, NJ. We are glad to lend Mayor Lonegan our support this election cycle. We hope that you’ll join us by doing the same.” –Dwight Keheo of TPATH

“Steve Lonegan represents what Washington, D.C. sorely lacks – a shot in the arm of conservative values, fiscal responsibility, and proven leadership. All of us here at Team NJ are proud to support Mayor Lonegan. Leaders like Steve are badly needed in congress.” -Nick Purpura of Team NJ

“We strongly support Steve Lonegan for many reasons, but more than anything, we know that Steve will fight to preserve our values and our beliefs in Washington, D.C. Steve knows that we cannot continue on this unsustainable path of epic, out-of-control spending. Only by supporting limiting government, lowering taxes, and limiting spending can we get our great country back on track.” -Conni Sherwood of the Jersey Shore Tea Party/Ocean County Citizens for Freedom