Tea Party Express Endorses Rep. Ted Yoho in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to endorse Congressman Ted Yoho for reelection in Florida’s Third Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “During Congressman Yoho’s time in Congress, he has proven himself to be one of the strongest defenders of our constitutional liberties. From standing strong against Obamacare, to fighting for a balanced budget amendment, he has consistently championed common sense Tea Party values. In a city that is largely void of bold, conservative leadership, Ted Yoho has fought tooth and nail to rein in the out-of-control spending and implement pro-growth economic policies. Tea Party Express is proud to stand with Congressman Ted Yoho once again, as he seeks the vote of residents in Florida’s Third Congressional District,” Budowich concluded.

Statements from local Tea Party leaders:

“We need people like Ted in the US Congress. The reasons we need him are that he is not a career politician, he is a working businessman who knows the citizens of his district. His courage to vote on his conservative principles shows in his voting record. For 40 years as an adult I have written my Congressmen, never receiving more than a form letter in response. I wrote Congressman Yoho on an issue and he called me personally to discuss it! I recently attended an event with the Congressman where he pulled up a chair, sat down, said “No speeches, I want to hear what you have to say.” whereupon he actually listened to his constituents. You will not find that from any one else! We need to re-elect this man. Please make sure your friends and neighbors vote for Ted Yoho.”
-Lane Watkins, North Central Florida Tea Party

​”​The Tea Party of Marion County unreservedly endorses Congressman Ted Yoho for re-election to the United States Congress, 3rd District. Congressman Yoho has proven to be an effective leader in an era of a rudderless House Majority Leadership, the shut-down of the U.S. Senate by hyper-partisan Democrat Harry Reid, and a lawless President. Additionally, research clearly demonstrates that Congressman Yoho’s Republican Primary challenger, Jacob Rush, is a lifelong Democrat and he and his family have supported far-left leaning Democratic candidates for many years. In addition to Rush’s intentional misrepresentation that he is a conservative Republican, a review of his record proves he is unqualified to be the next Congressman from the 3rd District. Rush has made public statements that various Tea Party organizations in North Central Florida have endorsed him – -these statements are patently untrue.​”
-Randy Fritz, Marion County Tea Party

​”Congressman Ted Yoho knows that America is exceptional and has the character and courage to defend individual liberty as guaranteed by our Constitution. We are very fortunate that he is our voice in Washington.”
-Laurie Newsome, Gainesville Tea Party

​”Congressman Ted Yoho is a Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist, who has a vision for America. He has lived the American dream building his own successful business. Ted knows what its like to get a paycheck and have others depend on him for a pay check. He continues to be loyal to the conservative cause and Tea party values. Voting for Ted is a vote for the vision of America we all share. We need many more men like Ted in Washington D.C.”
​-Layne Schultetus, O’Brien Tea Party