Washington Insiders Endorse Catherine Cortez Masto for US Senate Despite Her Ethical Lapses

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, responded to the endorsement by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee of Nevada’s former Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto, with the following statement:

“It is clear that Cortez Masto is just another overly ambitious and ethically void politician that Washington insiders want to push despite her ethical lapses and disregard for abuse of power,” said Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich. “Washington, D.C. has been plagued by politicians and unelected bureaucrats that have used their power and influence as a political weapon. She is just like her mentor, Senator Harry Reid, who time and time again used his power and platform to hurl false attacks, obstruct positive reform, and punish his adversaries.

“There is nothing worse in government than when public officials abuse their office for political purposes. It is an affront to civil liberties and decency, and no politician should be rewarded for such insidious conduct. Whether it is the example of the IRS targeting conservative groups to silence them or the former Nevada Attorney General using trumped up charges to prevent a viable challenge to the re-election of Harry Reid in 2010, all citizens should react with horror at the misuse of government for political ends.

“Voters will not forget the courageous step when District Judge Valerie Adair threw out the bogus and blatantly political prosecution of Nevada’s conservative Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki by then Attorney General Cortez Masto. It goes to show the lengths that some politicians will go to further their own political ambitions and those of their political benefactors.

“It was no surprise to see Senator Harry Reid endorse Cortez Masto as pay-back for her filing false criminal charges against the strongest potential candidate against Reid in 2010. It is downright disgusting to see the campaign arm of Senate Democrats get behind a candidate who abuses her power and turns a cold shoulder to basic civil liberties.

“Senator Harry Reid’s tyrannical actions in D.C. has left a black-eye on Nevada, one that voters hoped would disappear following his retirement. Unfortunately, Cortez Masto is just more of the same backroom politics that the American people are sick of.

“Our announced goal after the November elections to make our priority for 2016 to retire Senator Harry Reid has already been met because he is not running. But our commitment must extend to stopping another game-playing politician from taking his place. Catherine Cortez Masto is unfit to serve as a U.S. Senator, Budowich concluded.