Tea Party Express Endorses Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Congressman Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate in Florida.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Complacency with the status quo is one of the most dangerous diseases in Washington, D.C., but it’s a disease the Tea Party activists throughout America would like to cure. That’s why we worked aggressively in 2012 to help elect Ron DeSantis, and it’s why we remain committed to him in 2016 for his U.S. Senate campaign.

“After being elected in 2012, Congressman DeSantis went to D.C. and led the charge in bucking the status quo with a positive, conservative agenda for reform. He is a hero to Florida’s taxpayers, being ranked number one by Citizens Against Government Waste. He has also been a leader in the fight to rein in the size, cost and intrusiveness of the federal government.

“Congressman DeSantis has applied his conservative values to each vote, just like he promised the voters he would. But more important than just his single vote, he has been a champion for conservatism. He has challenged the do-nothing politicians head-on with bold, conservative ideas. While his voice has been important in the House of Representatives, we are excited by the idea of having him represent the entire state of Florida in the U.S. Senate. We intend on doing everything we can to make sure that’s a reality come November of 2016!,” Budowich concluded.

Tea Party Express National Grassroots Director and Florida voter, Kay Rivoli, said, “Ron DeSantis represents the conservative values I believe in. Based on his voting record, which reflects his adherence to constitutional principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility, a record that far out shines any other candidate, Ron DeSantis has my support for United States Senator. He has served our military, he has served our state, and I trust him to serve our nation as the next U.S. Senator from the sunshine state of Florida.”

The following are statements of support from local Tea Party activists in Florida.

“I was asked to give a reason why I am supporting Ron DeSantis for Senate. My answer: There is no one else I would trust in that Senate seat. It is too important to hand off this seat to a ‘party favorite’ or someone we do not know well enough. He is proven. His record speaks for itself. He is not perfect but he can be trusted to always take the best interests of the country into his decision-making. He is accessible. He is knowledgeable. He has fought for conservative values. He is principled. He has served in the military. He is a man of character. So who else meets that criteria? No one. Ron DeSantis is THE ONLY candidate that should even be considered for this seat!”

-Billie Tucker, CEO of Grassroots for Victory USA, Inc.

“I stand in full support of Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate seat in 2016. I believe he would faithfully protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America as one of Florida’s senators.”

-Ray Sanchez, Tea Party Grassroots Activist Founder/President Volusia 912 Patriots, Inc.

“As a Veteran and oathkeeper, Ron DeSantis has my vote. A true conservative who respects the Constitution and listens to his constituents. He has demonstrated he will work for the people and do what is right. I trust him to take action to restore founding principles and moral threads to America. He’s the perfect choice for Florida Senator.”

-Debbie Gunnoe, Lt. Col. (Ret), USAF and Tea Party Grassroots Activist

“The next U.S. Senator from Florida will take office at a pivotal time in American history. Looking at the current list of candidates and their voting record, Ron DeSantis is the only candidate I trust to hold that office and represent the sentiment of conservative Floridians.”

-Patricia Sullivan, Tea Party Grassroots Activist, Florida

“I’ve never met Mr. DeSantis. I am however a very keen observer of politics. Moreover, I watch more closely the integrity-quotient of elected officials. There have been times when I have disagreed with an elected official’s approach to a public policy position. That is almost inevitable. I can live with that – but what I will never abide or tolerate is an elected official that has proven his or her self to be untrustworthy. There is never an acceptable explanation for misleading a constituent or constituency. Congressman DeSantis has proven himself – on policy positions and even more importantly in the area of honesty and integrity. I am dedicated to and will work to ensure that Ron DeSantis is the next senator from Florida.”

-Tim Curtis, Grassroots Activist, Co-Founder, Tampa 912

“I plan on Supporting Congressman Ron DeSantis running for the Senate in 2016.”

-Aileen Milton, Grassroots Activist, Villages Tea Party

“I had the opportunity to meet with and listen to Ron when he spoke at the same events I did. Ron has been true to his word. He is a freedom and liberty loving American who LISTENS to his constituents. His voting record proves he understand the issues and will not cave under pressure. He should be the next Florida Senator.”

-Karen Schoen, Tea Party Grassroots Activist, Florida