Tea Party Express Endorses Danny Tarkanian for U.S. Congress in Nevada

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Danny Tarkanian for Congress in Nevada’s Third Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “The road to retaining our conservative majority in the House runs right through Nevada. We are fortunate to have a candidate like Danny Tarkanian whose Tea Party values and involvement in the community make him the ideal choice to represent Southern Nevadans in Congress. We are proud to stand with President Trump and Tea Party Senator Rand Paul in endorsing Danny for his commitment to defending liberty and putting America first.

“The grandson of working class Armenian immigrants, Danny is the embodiment of the American Dream. A graduate of UNLV and the University of San Diego School of Law, he started his own law firm and later opened a commercial real estate company. Every step of the way, Danny experienced firsthand the regulatory and tax burdens government places on entrepreneurs and job creators. In addition to his success in business, Danny is deeply committed to his community, having founded a non-profit youth basketball organization that has taught thousands of Nevada youths important life lessons in leadership and sportsmanship.

“Under the leadership of President Trump and our conservative Congress, America is finally recovering from the disastrous Obama years. Thanks to conservative policies like the Trump tax cuts and the slashing of job-killing regulations, the economy is booming again and unemployment is rapidly declining. We can either continue growing the economy and making progress toward reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government by electing committed conservatives like Danny Tarkanian, or we can allow leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Susie Lee to take control and push failed policies that destroy jobs, hurt working families, and saddle future generations with massive debt to support their socialist big government vision for America,” Russo concluded.