Tea Party for Trump

The Mueller Report has been completed and conclusively showed that the Russian collusion accusations were a bunch of baloney, and we have to get organized now to make sure President Trump is re-elected. That’s why we are launching the “Tea Party for Trump” to get conservatives off the sidelines and back in the field to preserve the tremendous gains we have made over the last two years and achieve even more victories ahead in a second term of Trump-Pence.

We have a major battle taking place for the soul of this country. President Trump is fighting for a pro-American agenda of lower taxes, less government regulation and more freedoms and liberties for our families and small businesses.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party has embraced extremist left-wing policies, with Democrat politicians openly advancing a Marxist-socialist agenda to “fundamentally transform” this nation into a nightmare our Founding Fathers would never recognize.

During his State of The Union address, President Trump called out the Democrats and vowed to fight to keep this a free nation that rejects socialism:

President Trump needs our support now more than ever, and that is why we are launching the “Tea Party for Trump.” We are building an army of Tea Party supporters across the country, who will not only work to help secure President Trump’s re-election, but will also be a strike force that fights back against the leftists who are trying to undermine President Trump and his Administration.

In essence, the “Tea Party for Trump” is the conservative counterpoint to the Left’s “Resistance” movement, and with your support we will be victorious!