NEW: Tea Party Express Re-Launches Blog

Since the election in November, we have been forced to listen to the media’s fabricated and worn-out stories about the Tea Party being dead and gone. This could not be further from the truth. It’s for that reason Tea Party Express has launched our own blog that not only celebrates everything the Tea Party has accomplished, but also focuses on continuing the fight to restore the limited Constitutional government our founders envisioned.
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A special message to our supporters!

On behalf of everyone here at Tea Party Express, I wanted to personally say “thank you” for your support in 2012. We are able to do what we do only because of the support of great patriots like yourself. Our strength is in our numbers, unmatched passion, and love for our great country.
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Tea Party Movement Driving GOP GOTV Effort

**Full Congressional Endorsement List Released**

Houston, TX – The Tea Party movement is working tirelessly today to get-out-the-vote for Governor Romney and other conservative candidates. Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, has motivated fiscal conservatives with bus tours, rallies, presidential debates and advertising throughout the 2012 cycle.
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Romney and Ryan 2012